be finnovative Demo Day 27.04.2017: Παρουσίασ

12 - 14 Μαίου 2017


9 - 11 Ιουνίου 2017


be finnovative fintech impact accelerator

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Are you listening to the Crowd? Others do!

Let's bridge the gap between your organization and the Crowd! Let's co-create the Future!

Who we are

We are an agile and highly innovative team with an exemplary multidisciplinary background ranging from design, branding, marketing, economics, business management and of course IT. Our complementary skillset coupled with our business expertise (corporate, governmental and entrepreneurial) is the cornerstone for providing delightful products and services that add value  and enable our customers to change the way they collaborate and improve their services. 


What we do

We are experts in crowdsourcing methodologies. We design, develop, implement and commercialise crowdsourcing solutions (procedures, information systems and platforms/tools). Our technology is world-class and transforms how organisations communicate, collaborate, innovate and generate value internally and externally (with their stakeholders or with the crowd). Let’s co-create the future!


Why Choose Us

  • Rely on us for complex large scale projects as Major Private & Public Sector organisations have entrusted us
  • We deliver integrated win-win solutions through our specialised know-how and venerable expertise
  • We enhance your organisations competitive edge
  • We facilitate your organisation design better solutions 
  • Our work has been awarded
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Addressing the needs of:

Public Sector

Organizations ranging from Local Municipalities and Public Sector Companies to the Central Government

Private Sector

Companies operating in dynamic economy sectors suchs as Finance, Retail, Telecommunications, Health, Tourism & Education


Non Profit Organizations covering a wide range of causes (e.g. political, environmental, social solidarity)


Companies and Professionals embedding our Products and Services Offering into their owns