About Us

About Us

Since 2012, Crowdpolicy develops innovative solutions for both Private and Public sector by using crowdsourcing methods and techniques.

Crowdpolicy provides solutions based on digital tools, procedures and consultancy methods aiming to activate collaboration amongst individuals, organizations, companies. More precisely, Crowdpolicy develops platforms and applications that promote citizens and/or crowd participation to collective processes in order to encourage democracy.

The company’s crowdsourcing solutions angle for a better approach of knowledge methods, knowledge diffusion and participation management. In addition, these solutions aim to create methodological tools and applications, through the design of new products and services or the effective re-designing of existing ones, offering user-friendly and useful interactive services and applications to the citizens, with emphasis to the optimal organization of relevant information and the knowledge generation in a constantly evolving world.

The company’s members have a vast expertise in creating innovative technological solutions (such as platforms, monitoring systems, open data systems). Furthermore, Crowdpolicy uses open source tools and creates open source platforms for providing open data to the citizens.

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